Piitbo Shawls

Capouchon (tube shawl) made from WANDIL peat-fibre


Piitbo Capouchon (tube shawl) have a circumference of about 125cm and are about 60cm wide.
The one coloured natural peat is made from 50% Wandil peat fibre and 50% certified organic cotton. For all other colours the combination is 35% Wandil peat fibre and 65% certified organic cotton.
Piitbo shawls are available in rost, torf-natur, beere, algemarin, jeans, sand, moor und nacht-messing.

Piitbo-Capouchon (tube shawl)
Capouchon rost 75,00 €
Capouchon torf-natur 75,00 €
Capouchon beere 75,00 €
Capouchon algemarin 75,00 €
Capouchon jeans 75,00 €
Capouchon sand 75,00 €
Capouchon moor 75,00 €
Capouchon nacht-messing 75,00 €

Hip Shawl

The hip shawl can be an accessory and fashionable source of warmth, for pregnant women and their unborn baby, Our hip shawls can be used as well as children’s blanket and colourful addition to the clothing palette




Piitbo – Hip Shawl

Available colours:
- nacht
- moor
- jeans
- beere
- rost
- algemarin
- torf-natur

Length 120 cm, width 50 cm

Price 109,00 €

Kidney Belt


This kidney belt is manufactured with a yarn made from 50% Wandil peat fibre and 50% certified organic cotton. It is 120cm long and 20cm wide and can easily be fastened using a safety pin.

The kidney belt is stretchy and can be worn discretely under your clothing. It offers warmth and protection and therefore helps relieve back aches and protects the solar plexus.

Price – One Size - 59,50 €
- natur
- fingerhut
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