Oil dispersing instruments

Oil dispersing instruments allow the extremely fine distribution of oils in water without chemical additives and emulsifiers. They are made in Thuringia and are characterized by high quality craftsmanship. Oil dispersion baths generally have a soothing and harmonizing effect. The fine dispersion enhances the effects of the oils. WANDIL peat oils are ideal for use in oil dispersion baths. Our dispersing instruments are available in two versions: for direct mounting to the water connection and for attachment by suction cup and connection via a supply hose. Choose the version that best meets your technical requirements. Of course, we are happy to advise you if you have questions about the installation.

Oil dispersing instruments - model 1

This Oil dispersing instrument is attached directly to the mixer tap by means of a plug connection.

Please check before ordering, whether the shower hose connection on your mixer tap goes down vertically. Should it exit sideways or upwards, this model can not be connected.


Oil dispersing instruments - model 1        Price: 200,00 €

Oil dispersing instruments - model 2

This device is attached to the tub with suction cups and connected to the shower hose.


Oil dispersing instruments - model 2         Price: 200,00 €

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