Piitbo Textiles made from ennobled peat fibre by Wandil


Peat fibre is naturally brittle and fragile. It would disintegrate to dust, if it was spun with modern machines without treating it first. Wandil have developed a transformation process that allows them to spin the fibre into a thread from which they can produce textiles and clothing.

Wandil first clean the peat fibre and then soak it in a bath adding other plant substances. It is also treated with larch resin to increase its warming qualities.

The resulting ennobled fibre has several benefits for the human being. It supports the body’s temperature regulation while the dynamic powers that now live within the fibre actively help protect against the effects of the electromagnetic forces from technology that people are exposed to. It is therefore a fibre that is very relevant to modern life.

Wandil peat fibre is warming and weighs very little. It wicks moisture away from your skin, preventing clamminess and keeping you comfortable. Clothes made from Wandil peat fibre are therefore very light and yet warm.